The Ocean

This year is the first year that Miles really got into Halloween. He visited three different pumpkin patches and had definite ideas about his costume. When we first brought up the idea of a costume back in September, he said he wanted to be a dragon (the same as last year). That seemed kind of boring to me, so I let it slide. I can’t quite remember how or why the costume idea came up again, but a while later, he said he wanted to a fish. Now, Miles loves fish, both to eat and to look at, so it was a fitting choice, but I was stumped about how to make a fish costume. It’s kind of make-work-ish and old-fashioned of me, but I do like homemade costumes. Last year we took the easy route and bought one, but I wanted to see if I could make Miles’s costume this year. But a fish?! Even the “super simple make at home for under $25” ideas I found online were daunting. So I checked in with a friend, who quickly suggested making a fish bowl costume. From there we escalated the plan to  The Ocean, so it could include shapes like boats and waves and whales and all sorts of other critters.  I even carved our pumpkin to match, as a school of fish. Unfortunately I only had time to carve one of our four pumpkins, but something had to give.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, The Ocean!

The Ocean

The Ocean

This costume has been so popular that Miles has worn it to several non-Halloween gatherings and has been requesting it for naptime and bed as well! I had no idea I’d be able to make such a winner! The shapes are cut out of felt, and the tunic body is an old pillow case. I did it the hard way and sewed the shapes on by hand instead of gluing them on, so that we could snip the thread and use the shapes on a (yet-to-be-constructed) felt board. However, that will have to wait until the costume is no longer in regular rotation.

As for Halloween itself, it was fun! Miles and I went to about 10 houses, picking and choosing the ones near us that had the most appealing decorations. Some neighbours had a fireworks show too, which Miles thought was pretty neat since the lights looked like fountains. He sat on the front steps when we got home and ate 5 smarties and a bunch of the faux treats that I planted in his bag (pumpkin seeds, raisins etc), and then trundled off to bed. We’ve put the rest of the haul away, and so far we haven’t received any requests for it, so I think we’ve dodged the issue of Halloween candy for another year!

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5 Responses to The Ocean

  1. Granny says:

    faux treats – how clever!!

  2. Great Auntie Kathy says:

    Love “the Ocean! But I’m wondering where the ” haul” is actually going? Haha! Nice work Mummy!

  3. Karen says:

    I love the Ocean costume! It’s wonderful. I now also fully appreciate the old saying, “It’s like taking candy from a baby.” Hahahaaa 🙂

  4. Auntie jeannie says:

    Granny told me how to subscribe to the Chumleys so now I am up to speed. Great Halloween all around! Love AJ

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