Pumpkin Patch Redux

After the success of our visit to the pumpkin patch in Victoria, we thought it would be fun to go to one here in Vancouver. Most of them are far away and/or pretty frenetic (with bouncy castles and the like) but the Southlands Farm patch is a great mellow option. We went when Miles was just a wee thing, not yet one and just starting to walk. He wasn’t sure about the whole affair, although the pumpkin was quite popular once we got home.


Pumpkin patch 2011


Playing with the pumpkin 2011

This year was another story altogether! I could hardly drag Miles away when it was time to go home. The highlight was probably the sheep, who very patiently received a very thorough grooming, although the chickens, horses and (very sleepy) pig were also popular.

At the patch 2013

At the patch 2013

Love this place!

Love this place!

Hi chickens!

Hi chickens!

Following the sheep

Following the sheep

The pumpkins? Well, those got chosen by me, since Miles was too busy with the animals to pay much attention to them. We have yet to carve them, so ideas are welcome. Last year I carved our lone pumpkin as a cat, and it was well received. Maybe a fish this year?

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