At Nanny’s House

We have just returned from a lovely weekend away at Granny’s house. I was over there for work on Thursday, and Mr. Chumsley and Miles came over on the ferry on Thursday evening. Miles was delighted to be reunited with his big boy bed, and spent (almost) the whole weekend being charming. We had two trips to the beach, a picnic, a lovely time at Turkish coffee shop, delicious dinners, an Easter egg hunt in Granny’s yard, spent time playing the “panano”, and Miles even got to try his hand at Granny’s favourite hobby.

The recipe for the homemade Easter eggs is one that I sampled for the first time at my running clinic a few weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised by the treats the nutritionist brought and was excited to find the recipe on her website.  These don’t taste like something that hippy parents would give their kids until their kids rebelled once they discover real chocolate. These are good, and the fact that they are not bad for you is just a bonus!

The sugar cookies turned out to be more of a project for me than for Miles, who loves using cookie cutters in a fairly “loose” way to create avant-garde shapes. However, the cookies I made using Granny’s moon-shaped cookie cutter were a huge hit. I used just a basic icing of icing sugar, water and lemon juice, with just a touch of colouring.

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2 Responses to At Nanny’s House

  1. Great Auntie Kathy says:

    Lovely! I had the pleasure of enjoying one of those meals with Miles, and his terrific parents.. A joy to behold! Great pics…

  2. Karen says:

    Stamping! Go Miles Go!!! To think we have that in common and we haven’t even met yet. Happy Easter to the Chumsleys!

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