Almost Spring

Today felt as though Spring must be just around the corner, so much so that we decided to build on Miles’s standing suggestion of a picnic and have our real lunch outside. The trick was to find somewhere that would be sunny but not too windy, since despite the sunshine it was still quite nippy. That ruled out the beach, and I didn’t want to go just to our usual neighbourhood park, so we had to ponder our options. As we were pulling out of the driveway I hit on the idea of Pacific Spirit Park; there’s a little clearing that has picnic tables about 100m from one of the park entrances and I thought that might work pretty well.

We took along a fairly elaborate picnic (complete with a yummy salad for me and fresh banana muffins – recipe to come!) and had a lovely time. There were lots of friendly dogs willing to kiss Miles, everyone enjoyed the chance to “eat in woods!” and we had a really fun walk after lunch. We hadn’t taken a stroller or carrier, so when I say that “we” walked in the woods, I really mean all of us. Miles did a great job, and walked and ran for about 1/2 hr with only 1 tumble to slow him down.  Once we got home, everyone had a great nap!

Picnic 1

Eat in woods!

Picnic 3


Picnic 2

Tuddle time!

We need more days like this!

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