My Big Baby

A few weeks ago Miles and I were having a cuddle, and I asked him jokingly if he was my baby or my big boy. He came up with a great answer: he’s my big baby! I thought that was really cute, but the more I think about it, the more true I realize it is. Miles loves to cuddle, and is quick to come running for a hug and kiss. The cautious way he moves and his ongoing wonder at the world also place him firmly in the baby camp.  But in other ways he’s getting to be such a big kid. He tells us “not right now” when it’s time to wash his hands before dinner, and bargains hard for 3 or 4 more minutes of play (instead of the usual 2) when he’s having an especially good time.  He’s a keen learner, and can sing the alphabet and count to 10, as well as being able to recognize and name at least 5 letters and several numbers. He makes amazing linguistic leaps, and you’d better be careful not to tell stories in front of him that you don’t want everyone to know because he’ll be sure to pass them on to just about anyone (he told us last week that one of his daycare teachers has a mouse who poops on the floor – turns out it’s a true story, but not one that she told to Miles!). In those respects, he’s definitely a big boy. It’s a lovely combination with his baby-ness.

Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to recently. The first couple of pictures are from a recent pretend picnic on our front steps. It’s one of Miles’s favourite things to do in the morning on weekends or when I get home from work. I sit in the front door way and Miles runs back and forth to the front hall to get “food” for our picnic. It’s almost always blueberries and grapes, and often involves pizza, which is funny because Miles doesn’t actually like real pizza! Mr. Chumsley took these photos during a recent pretend picnic; the first one makes us laugh because Miles looks like a little gangster, and I like the composition of the second one.




Picnic time

Picnic time

The other big thing happening in our house is that we’re making a very gentle start on potty training. We’re completely uninformed on this topic and are really just taking our cues from Miles. A week or two ago he started being interested in the $4 Ikea potty we bought months ago, and asked to sit on it fully clothed. He seemed quite shocked when we asked if he wanted to sit on it with his pants off!  He progressed to sitting on it with his diaper off a couple of times, but didn’t want to sit for long, because it was “too tight” (what does that mean?). Last night we hit on the idea of reading some books while he sat on the potty; that resulted in quite a delivery and high fives all around! We spent some quality time on the potty after breakfast this morning, but it turned out just to be a fun way to get an extra half hour of story time and to get some cute photos.  🙂  I don’t think we’ll be getting rid of our diapers any time soon, but it’s exciting to know that we’re on a new path.

Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham

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