Bye-bye Tree Lights

Life is more or less back to normal now, after a lovely break for Christmas and New Years, not to mention a certain birthday. We took almost two weeks off from our regular routines, and spent some time visiting Granny, some time visiting friends and family closer to home, and some time just relaxing around the house. Apparently for me that translated into not taking very many pictures – we have a few from Miles’s birthday dinner and visiting Granny, and that is it! Oh well, not every moment needs to be documented, as Mr. Chumsley is quick to remind me.

Miles really enjoyed the Christmas tree this year. Last year I’m not sure he really registered it, but this year we’ve been getting detailed instructions on when we should turn the tree lights on and off. Imagine his delight when he discovered that Granny’s tree lights worked with a light switch, so he could be the one to turn them on and off!

Tonight we realized that all signs pointed to it being time to take down the Christmas tree: Epiphany is past and the City garbage crews will be collecting Christmas trees tomorrow (fear not, they will be composted, not landfilled).  I brought Miles upstairs for one last look at the tree after he was in his jammies and ready for bed, and we sang a version of the little goodbye song that gets used at our music classes when it’s time to put instruments away: bye-bye tree, bye-bye tree lights.  Miles sat there quietly looking at the tree for a few minutes and then asked me to turn the tree lights off, and we went back downstairs for bed. I wonder how he’ll feel in the morning when there is no sign of the tree and the boring old bookshelf is back?

Since it’s been quite a while since my last post, I want to capture a few of the fun things Miles is saying these days. We feel like we’re laughing all the time, yet when I try to tell someone what funny things he’s saying, I can never think of anything. Clearly I need to write these things down…

  • Miles informed Granny that he was “too busy” to help decorate the tree with her, which made us all laugh, although it also made me wonder just how often I say that to him (I think it’s usually when I’m making dinner and he wants me to play).
  • On a more tender note, he now routinely tells me “oi-uv-u” and he’s figured out that saying it “make Mummy happy!”
  • True to the goofball that he has always been, he finds it absolutely hilarious to replace any other consonant with “h”, often calling us Mummy-hummy and Daddy-haddy. He spent 15 minutes the other night cracking himself up by talking about our friend, Uncle Paul-haul – I really wish I could see what’s going on in his mind!

And so life continues. It’s hard to know what’s a “blog-worthy” story when we’re just puttering along with our lives. I do have some yummy recipes to share and will try to get on with that sooner rather than later. Other than that, I don’t know what will appear in this space in the next little while. I’m pretty busy at work and we don’t have any travel planned, so I have a feeling it may not be much.

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One Response to Bye-bye Tree Lights

  1. angelasaito says:

    Love that picture of Miles sitting next to Granny at the piano!

    I love your blog-worthy write-ups about Miles’ development!

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