I felt like a bit of a fanboy (or girl, as the case may be), but last night I found myself at the Chapters on Broadway to watch an interview with Deb Perelman, creator of Smitten Kitchen and proud author of a new cookbook. The event was ridiculously popular – one Chapters staff member said that they estimated over 200 people were there, far surpassing the capacity of the 40 or so chairs they had laid out. The rest of us chumps stood among the stacks of books craning for a view. I lucked out and ended up in a pretty good spot.

The interview itself was rather brief (consisting of one painful introduction that was read word-for-word from an iPhone and a single question), but the audience came up with a few good questions. Then it was time for book signing, and although I hadn’t planned to stick around, I found myself wanting to stay out just a bit longer. By the time I had waited in line for half an hour, I felt myself starting to succumb to the sunk cost fallacy.  Then it turned out that one of the women in line around me is the mum of one of the boys at Miles’s daycare! So we started having a chat, and the rest of the waiting time went a lot faster.

So now I have a signed cookbook, which is not all that exciting, but I did get to see that Deb seems like a pretty regular person who, by getting into this blogging thing pretty early on, being a good writer and photographer, and (most importantly to me) by churning out some tasty and well-tested recipes, has managed to attract an apparently huge and devoted readership. It’s one of those feel good stories, that for lack of more eloquence, makes me feel good!

(P.S. I feel obliged to add that I have no such aspirations for this little corner of the interwebs!)

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