The end of October has always been a time of extra treats for me, since my birthday and Hallowe’en are back to back. Miles has joined in on the sweet treats with gusto this year, since I’ve relaxed my opinion on  him having goodies.  We’ve all been enjoying homemade cookies from Gramma, especially yesterday morning when I opened the tin at breakfast and declared that we could all have breakfast-dessert! (I think I might be onto something with that idea.)  Mr. Chumsley also procured a  fabulous cake that has us all in a chocolately hazelnut stupor, although Miles has shown considerably commitment to eating it with a fork, which I think shows amazing restraint. If he had gone at it with his hands, I might have felt justified in joining in!

But apart from the sugar highs,  I think my biggest treats of all have been hearing Miles sing countless renditions of  “Happy birthday to Mummy”, along with all its variations like “happy Miles to Miles” or even better, “happy Miles to Mummy”, and seeing him dressed up in his costume. His daycare went trick-or-treating around to neighbouring daycares today, and he apparently learned to say “trick or treat”, because as soon as we put his costume back on after dinner tonight, he started saying it! We planned to go to just one neighbour, who had promised to get little boxes of raisins, but ended up hitting a couple of extra houses as well, since Miles was having a surprisingly good time.

I feel a tiny bit of mommy-guilt that I didn’t manage to handcraft Miles a costume, but the truth is that we picked up this costume more than a month ago, and it’s been a relief to have never had to think about it again. It’s cute, it’s comfy, and Miles likes wearing it. Homemade costumes can wait until he can help make them!

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