There has been a LOT of chatter in our house over the past week. It’s as though Miles has had a quantum leap in language skills and just can’t stop practicing! Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of what he has to say falls squarely into the category of toilet humor. Who knew that farts were funny at such a young age?

Me: Miles, did you poop?

Miles: Nope, fart! (giggle giggle!)


Miles, reporting on Mr. Chumsley: Daddy go pee in toilet. All done!

We’re also seeing a fascinating amount of imaginary play, most of which revolves around food, and all of which is accompanied by constant narration. Miles will play for ages making fish with “memon” (using the pieces from his fish puzzle and a yellow building block to stand in for the lemon), alternately heating it up in the “mi-roh-weeve” and then putting it in the “freege” to make sure it is “not hot” before he eats it. The roles of microwave and fridge are played by the same built-in cabinet in our dining room, except that when it’s a microwave, there are buttons that beep on the door. The same cabinet has a handle that doubles as a tap for Miles’s games, and which gets used to make tea (apple and “mimimon”), which is then thoughtfully offered to Mummy, Daddy and his stuffed animals.  The whole time Miles is puttering around he’s nattering on about “more fish”, “butter in pan”, “delishish”, “don’t touch it, hot!” and so on. It’s an interesting reflection of what we must be saying to (and around) him.

Miles was pretty sick last week and really wasn’t himself. We realized then just how much fun and laughter he normally brings us. While he certainly has moments that give us a sneak preview of the Terrible Twos, our house is for the most part a happy, and very chatty, place these days!

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One Response to Chatterbox

  1. AK says:

    Granny was besottedby her grandson this weekend, and marvelled at his new delightful linguistic skills! Just wait until and expletive leaps from his precious mouth, and your own spoken word will be more guarded!

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