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The end of October has always been a time of extra treats for me, since my birthday and Hallowe’en are back to back. Miles has joined in on the sweet treats with gusto this year, since I’ve relaxed my opinion … Continue reading

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There has been a LOT of chatter in our house over the past week. It’s as though Miles has had a quantum leap in language skills and just can’t stop practicing! Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of what he has … Continue reading

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The origin of my waffle maker is clouded in the mists of time. I imagine I must have gotten it during one of my co-op terms while I was an undergrad, or maybe I got it shortly after moving to … Continue reading

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Singing (yes, in the rain)

We do a lot of silly, impromptu singing in this house. Even before Miles was on the scene, Mr. Chumsley and I would make up stupid songs about whatever we were doing. (Truth be told, it was mostly me, but … Continue reading

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