Ask a silly question

Here’s a dialogue that has been happening quite frequently around our house the past few days, courtesy of a favourite Dr. Seuss book:

(Dad): Do you ever have the feeling there’s a WASKET in your BASKET?

(Miles): YAH!

(Dad): Or a NUREAU in your BUREAU?

(Miles): YAH!!

(Dad): Or a WOSET in your CLOSET?

(Miles): YAH!!!!

There’s also an awful lot of noo all of a sudden, but it’s usually quite polite. Firm, but polite. 🙂

We had a great long weekend, although we didn’t have any particular plans. We spent a day with relatives, went to the farmers’ market, wandered the neighbourhood looking for cats and dogs to get excited about, and played at a new park. The new park had odd swings  that have solid plastic seats and harnesses. The smallest of these fancy swings is too tall for Miles and the harness covers his face! That was no good, and since there weren’t any of the normal baby/toddler swings, Miles had his first go on what I call an adult swing (Mr. Chumsley laughed and reminded me that none of the playground equipment is really for adults…).

First time on an “adult” swing!

Two guys at the market

We’re back to the grindstone tomorrow, and looking forward to the short week!

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