It’s been a while

It’s been so long since I posted that I’m in a bit of a vicious circle: I don’t have enough time to write a catch-up post, so I don’t post anything, but then more blog-worthy things happen and the imaginary post gets longer, requiring more time to write. And of course I want to share all sorts of pictures from all the fun things we’ve done this summer, but the photos are (for the most part) still on my camera and finding the time to do a major sort and edit just hasn’t been a priority.

So, without further ado, here is a brief recap of what we’ve been up to since the last time I posted, along with a few photos:

  • Growing up by getting a first haircut. Miles was pretty brave for most of it, thanks to the distracting bubbles and the fact that I was taking pictures (which he then wanted to look at right away) on the camera
  • Relaxing at the cottage with Nannee and Oh-whoa (also known as Granny and Willow). The flights weren’t as bad as they could have been, and the amount of fun we had at the cottage was well worth the work it took to get there. Just ask Miles what he fed Oh-whoa and where she kissed him, and you’ll see his face light right up as he tells you all about the cheese and the kisses on his hand.
  • Dealing with unwelcome furry intruders at our house. We are so grateful to have had a welcome refuge at Gramma and Grampa’s house. Miles would love to tell you all about their two cats who, by the way, are black and kissed him on his foot!
  • Scooping and watering every day. I think Miles has a quota for the amount of time he needs to spend scooping and digging sand and playing with water each day. I’ve got a raised bed a few blocks from the house, and he’s been pretty helpful with the watering.
  • Enjoying pah-puh-ya, and even more so, enjoying telling us that he wants one (P.S. he’s asking for a popsicle, not a tropical fruit, and I make my own by freezing fruit and yogurt smoothies) at the most unlikely times, and then giggling hysterically when we say no. In fact, it’s become a running joke, and he even uses a request for a popsicle to lighten up a situation where he’s not getting something else that he wants!
  • Mastering stairs, both up and down. This past weekend he even figured out how to go up using a railing, rather than crawling. Speaking of which, Miles has also learned how to crawl, almost a full year after he learned how to walk!
  • Singing all the time. The most frequently requested song these days is Row, Row, Row Your Boat, but Miles likes it best with crazy words (#1 is boat, boat, pillow, boat. Don’t ask!). Miles also does very credible renditions of Frere Jacque, Baby Beluga, The Wheels on the Bus, and This Old Man.
  • Talking up a storm. For a kid who seemed to prefer signing to talking for quite some time, Miles is now making up for lost time. He’s still learning new signs, leaving us scrambling to look things up all the time!
  • Learning where berries come from. We picked Saskatoon berries at the lake, which just about blew his mind and led to countless requests for berries whenever we were out and about (I guess he still needs to work on plant identification!). Recently we’ve gone blackberry picking and I can hardly keep up with his requests for more!
  • Stirring everything in sight and calling it eggs. We don’t really know why Miles is obsessed with scrambling eggs, but he really is. He’ll stir a pail of sand, or a bowl of yogurt, or a cup of water and say “egg, egg”, over and over again, except that it sounds more like “ahdee”.
  • Working on being polite. Miles is learning to say (and sign) please and thank-you. Knowing when to say those words is still a bit of a puzzle for Miles, but it’s fun watching him figure it out. He’s so delighted when he remembers, especially with thank-you.

I think that about sums up the past 6 weeks. I’ve got some recipes I want to share, so hopefully I’ll find time for that soon!

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