Getting Settled

The dust is slowly settling in our new place, and so are we. We’ve been here for two and a half weeks and are about 95% unpacked. We still need to finish hanging things on the walls and there are a few dreaded boxes of miscellany to sort through, but we’re feeling quite comfortable. Miles is a bit clingy these days which is kind of trying, but it makes us very glad that we were able to move almost six weeks before the next big transition – my return to work.  April 2 is going to be an interesting day…

It’s been about a month since I posted anything about Miles, so I think I’ll resort to a list of fun things he’s been up to recently rather than trying to tie together a cohesive story. Picture taking has also almost come to a standstill with all the work of moving, so there are just two recent photos to share.

  • Ba ba ba ba BA! Miles’s favourite things are balls, balloons, books and bears, so we hear a lot of BA! We were at our new local café a few weeks ago and Miles was toddling around, when he suddenly started up with an emphatic set of BA BA BA! I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I crouched down to his height and spied some balloons tied to a sandwich board outside a store across the street. Good eyes, Miles!
  • Baa baa, black sheep! Along with all the bababa-ing has come a great love of the song Baa Baa Black Sheep. Now when Miles says “baa baa” (and isn’t talking about a ball or other b-thing), he waits for us to respond with “black sheep”, and then goes again with the “baa baa”. It can go on for ages, and he finds it hilarious!
  • Getting sophisticated. Miles has been pretty adept with a spoon for a while, especially if we load it up for him. Now he wants to eat everything with a spoon or fork that he loads up himself. It can make eating peas a rather slow process, but it’s great to see him figuring out how it works. Sometimes he thinks that using two utensils (in one hand) is the best option; we haven’t really figured out where he’s going with that method…
  • Steppin’ up. Since we moved to the new place, Miles has been working on stairs. Because he never learned to crawl, he’s been approaching them like an adult. He’s gotten pretty good at using his “big step” technique (which involves lifting his foot to the height of his hip!) if someone holds both hands, but today James left him downstairs for a couple of minutes, only to find him up on the second step when he came back. Time for a gate at the bottom of the stairs!
  • Tech savvy. We skyped with Granny this morning, and Miles absolutely recognized her on the screen. He flashed her his biggest grin and really interacted with her. I wonder how he thinks it works – was Granny really here but kind of flat? Or did he understand that it was a picture of her? We don’t have a TV, so he’s not really familiar with the concept of people being there but not really there.
Sleeping in the carrier right before dinner – oops!
Learning how to crawl would help in this kind of situation!

In other news, I have finally picked up my knitting needles again. I’m making a brachiosaurus for Miles using the Prehistoric Pals pattern. I made a T-Rex a few years ago for a friend’s son, and thought I’d try a plant-eater this time.  I’m using Noro Kureyon yarn and am looking forward to seeing how the stripes work out.

When I posted the bar recipe a few weeks ago, I said I’d share some of our dinner favourites, and I will, just not tonight. I’m planning to share recipes for some old standbys (chili, curry sauce, and a soup) and a new favourite, lentils and potatoes.

We don’t have much planned for the next few weeks. I’m planning to revel in lots of Miles-time before heading back to work. My brain is looking forward to getting used a bit more, but my heart is not excited about it. I know it will take some adjusting for all of us and that we’ll find a way for it to work. We’re good at that!

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One Response to Getting Settled

  1. Karen says:

    The Prehistoric Pals are adorable! I just love the Noro yarns…mmm…. I am making the One-Row scarf at the moment using Noro Furin and I have a stash of Noro Silk Garden queued up for a striped scarf. Can’t wait!
    And you will find a way to make it work. It takes a while to adjust, but people are adapable and resilient. It will be a good thing in different ways.

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