Bits and Pieces

I’m sitting at home on a Friday night while one guy sleeps and the other guy hangs out with friends. It’s been far too long since this blog got any attention, so I decided that updating it was not a bad way to spend some time.

Things are going pretty well these days.  Miles continues to delight us with his sunny personality and we are enjoying his developing sense of humour. He’s always been good for a laugh if you do something goofy, but these days he’s starting to really participate in the joke. For example, he thinks it’s hilarious if you cough, and then he’ll cough back at you, and if you reply with another cough you can go back and forth forever!  And as James says, it’s comedy gold if you say “bless you!”  when he sneezes.

We’ve been doing swimming lessons for the past 4 weeks; Miles has gone from clinging to me like a frightened koala bear for the whole first lesson to smiling and laughing as he topples into the pool.  He’s become a totally proficient walker, and spent a bunch of time the other day practicing stepping up onto a curb, so once we spend some more time in a place with stairs, I imagine he’ll get the hang of them pretty quickly.

Miles also has a new preferred means of conveyance these days. It’s a backpack-style baby carrier that lets him see the world, and oh how he loves it! He bounces up and down when it’s time to get in, and squeals with delight at all the things he can see.  We’re definitely going to give snowshoeing another try!

We got a call from UBC daycare yesterday to tell us that they anticipate giving us a spot between April and September. The timing is perfect, since I start back at work in April and James’s mom (hi Jill!) has graciously agreed to help cover any gap. I’m going back three days a week to start, and may increase to four once daycare kicks in.

Miles is in the midst of switching from two naps to one which is a bit tricky. He really, really wants to nap around 9:30 for an hour or a bit more, and then does not want to nap at all again later in the day. It makes for some pretty long afternoons! We’re trying an experiment for the next few days where we will go out in the morning instead of letting him nap, and try putting him down around 11 or noon instead. It didn’t work all that well today, but we’re going to stick to it for a bit and see how it goes.

The other news worth sharing is that we’re moving again! Our apartment in the Olympic Village has not turned out to be quite as wonderful as we had hoped. It’s unbearably hot in the summer, noisy, and our neighbours are not winning any Nobel Prizes (especially the one who caused the flood!). We searched and searched, and finally found a place that seems like it should work well. It’s the main and lower floors of a house that turns 100 years old this year. It’s back on the west side of Vancouver on a very quiet residential street. The main floor is stunning, with refinished hardwood floors, a beautiful built in china cabinet in the dining room, and has been painted in real colours (no more “renters’ beige”). The lower floor is more utilitarian in its decor, but that’s where the bedrooms are, so we’ll be nice and cool and separated from the upstairs neighbours. There is a bit of a yard to run around in and lots of parks nearby, and it will be a much quicker trip to daycare than from our current place. Fingers crossed that we can stay put there until James is done at UBC and we head off on a new adventure.  If you happen to know of any good movers in Vancouver, please let me know in the comments or by email!

Whew. I think that’s it for now. Recipes to come shortly – we have some new favourites that I am excited to share.

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One Response to Bits and Pieces

  1. Granny/Mum says:

    great photos!
    and I would totally agree with your comment about Miles’s sense of humour – it is amazing!! His twinkly grin when he initiates something he thinks is funny is amazing!

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