First Snow!

Miles and I headed up Mount Seymour with a friend this past week for Miles to get his first snow experience and for me to get some exercise. I guess strictly speaking this might not have been his first snow, since it snowed a few days after he was born last year (on his due date, as I recall), but this was certainly the first snow he’s seen since he became a real person.

At any rate, his first impression was not a good one.  It might have had more to do with the fact that he didn’t take a morning nap until we were about half way along the road up the mountain.

He was quite comfortably asleep with his best friend, the yellow oval.  Being rudely awakened to put on a snowsuit didn’t go down very well. I had tried it on him the night before and he didn’t like it much then either, but I thought he was probably just too warm at home and it would be OK once we were outside. That was emphatically not the case, so we paused a few minute into our hike to take off his snow suit, leaving him in a couple of layers of fleece. Since he was bundled up next to me and it was only just below zero, I figured he’d be warm enough.  The rest of the hike went alright, especially when I launched into one of Miles’s favourite songs.

The most enjoyable time was our pause at First Lake. We all had a snack, and Miles was amused by us picking up and dropping handfuls of snow (it was too powdery to make snowballs,  unfortunately). Watching things fall is one of his favourite things these days, and snow was no exception.

Even though the trip was a mixed success for Miles, it was great to be out and I am definitely planning some more outings this winter. Hopefully with a bit more sleep and the right clothes, Miles will also enjoy it more!

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4 Responses to First Snow!

  1. angelasaito says:

    I love that picture of Miles asleep in the car seat gripping onto the yellow oval!

  2. GAK says:

    Good thing he doesn’t live in Edmonton! What a great post, thanks Sarah!

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