Seriously walking

This is just a quick update to let the world (by which I mean the 7 people who read this blog) know that Miles is absolutely, unequivocally walking. We think it’s pretty awesome, and so does Miles!

He started off about 2 months ago by walking holding on to us with both hands. Then he graduated to walking with just one hand for support. The next stage was walking really short distances between two people who were ready at all times to swoop in and catch him.  Then last Thursday I was at the ATM and Miles was holding onto my leg, when suddenly he wasn’t holding onto my leg anymore–he was 6 feet away! I called him and he nonchalantly turned around and came staggering back to me.  Now he’s trucking around all over the place, more often than not clutching the yellow oval from his shape-o-ball. Some kids get attached to a blanket or stuffed animal, but Miles has chosen a yellow plastic oval. Go figure.

Anyhow, the only flaw in all this is that the little guy STILL hasn’t figured out to pull himself up. So in order to get walking, he needs a bit of help to get standing. I guess that’s a blessing in some ways since it means I can still leave him in one spot, but he finds it very frustrating. Hopefully he can channel that frustration into figuring out how to stand up…

Pictures of walking to come as soon as I remember to take some instead of just watching proudly. 🙂

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One Response to Seriously walking

  1. Granny/Mum says:

    wait ’til he gets his very own cordless phone! Perhaps he will then walk around (!) clutching it:-)
    Proud Granny

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