There and back

Well, that was a success!

Mr. Chumsley, Miles and I just got back from two weeks at my family’s cottage in Manitoba, and it was almost exactly how I had dreamed it would be, and nothing like my worst nightmare of how it might be. While I knew that the big guy really liked the cottage, I wasn’t sure what the little guy would make of it, let alone the journey to get there, since he can be a bit finicky about nursing and isn’t fond of loud noises. A twelve hour day of travel that included his first plane ride, grocery shopping for two weeks and a drive out to the cottage could have been pretty brutal. But… not so! Miles has really come into his own in the past few months, and I should have had more faith in his ability to roll with things. He’s not the slightly fragile 3 or 4 month old that he once was; he’s a resilient, curious and charming 8.5 month old!

The plane ride to Winnipeg was a definite success. We scored 3 seats to ourselves, and made good use of the extra room. Miles nursed as soon as we got on the plane, and then watched everyone else board and tried to make friends with the guy across the aisle (who wasn’t really into it, but that’s his loss). He had fun playing with us and finally fell asleep for about 45 minutes, which wasn’t the greatest morning nap, but was definitely enough to keep the wheels on.

We picked up our rental car and headed to the grocery store, which is everyone’s least favourite part of getting to the cottage. Although I had planned out our food down to the last apple, it still took way too long and we were all ready to be done long before we had found everything. Miles and I retreated to the car for a snack before we hit the highway, and again he surprised me by getting down to business with hardly a peep.  Fortified, he managed to sleep most of the way to the cottage.

The first couple of nights there were pretty chilly, and Miles wasn’t a big fan of that. We had him wrapped in about six layers, and usually ended up bringing him into bed with us in the wee hours. But then we found a space heater and the weather got a bit nicer, and suddenly our little man was sleeping like the proverbial baby, and continued to do so for the rest of the trip.  That made the holiday restful for us, a word I had become somewhat unfamiliar with. Break it down: rest-full, as in fully rested. Hot damn.

And the day times: Miles was in heaven! Two parents all day long! Hundreds of trees to watch! New places to explore! Face cookies! And then just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Granny arrived! Yes indeed, Miles is a fan of the cottage and we’ll be going back.








Any account of this trip would be remiss without mentioning a few milestones that Miles hit while we were away. For starters, he finally got his first two teeth–the first arrived the day we took off, the second broke through on the day we came home. He also perfected the art of supported standing (holding onto a cupboard door or table leg or what have you), and he really started trucking around, as long as he can hold onto someone’s hand. He shows absolutely no interest in crawling, so he may be one of those babies that skips that step entirely.

We are grateful to a lot of people who helped make our trip the success that it was, but most notably to my aunt and uncle who graciously let us use the cottage, and to our good family friends who found a crib and highchair for us to borrow.

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One Response to There and back

  1. paperquilter says:

    What a lovely time you’ve had! Look at that boy go — standing up all by himself at the cupboard — and look out now Mum and Dad, he’ll be into all kinds of trouble 🙂 So happy to hear you’ve had a marvelous time at VB; the pictures certainly tell a story of happy days and good weather. –A.L.

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