This is how Miles eats yogurt. Substitute slices of cucumber for the strawberry and add in a lot of mm mm mm noises, and you’ll get the picture.  According to Miles, yogurt on cucumber is a lot more delicious than yogurt on a spoon. We might have a hit with tzatziki!

Currently Miles’s favourite foods are yogurt and peaches, followed closely by cucumber, avocado, tomato, curried chicken or paneer, and plain paneer. He also quite likes apple, but he prefers it raw (and does a surprisingly good job on it for someone with no teeth).  He’s tried (and liked) lots of other foods, but those are the big winners at the moment. Nothing makes me happier these days that sitting with my little guy sharing a peach; a slice for him, a slice for me, and smiles all around.

Photographic evidence of our adventures in eating to come someday when I have the time and energy to get the pictures off the camera (soon, I hope!).

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One Response to Yogurt

  1. angelasaito says:

    Yes, I’ve witnessed Miles’ face covered in yoghurt. A picture of it would be fun!

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