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This past weekend was the BC Day long weekend. While that used to mean it was time for grand adventures like kayaking trips, or staying up late and sleeping in, things have changed. In fact, even regular weekends don’t feel as different from weekdays as they used to (except for the fact that Mr. Chumsley is around, which we all agree is quite wonderful). We still get up at an ungodly hour and try to keep to a somewhat regular schedule for the sake of the little guy. But this weekend we stepped out of our comfort zone a bit, and it was so worth it.

We spent the day in Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver with a group of friends. We headed out after Miles’s morning nap, picking up a couple of friends en route. Miles then had the most enjoyable car ride of his life, with two lovely ladies hanging onto his every word. We met up with everyone else at the park, and proceeded to loll around on a lovely shady patch of grass and while away the day.

Miles was charming, the conversation was entertaining, the weather was perfect and the scenery was spectacular. The only less than perfect part was trying to convince Miles to nurse somewhere other than our usual place at home, but eventually hunger prevailed and he got down to business. While he napped in the Ergo, we took the opportunity to do a little wading in the ocean (if I hadn’t been wearing him, I would have been sorely tempted to  go swimming, it was so warm!). It was a great day–a good reward for breaking out of our routine, and good practice for our real trip at the end of the month!

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