Definitely My Son

I mentioned in one of the recipes that I posted awhile ago that we’re trying an approach to solids called baby-led weaning. It basically means giving Miles finger food instead of spoon-feeding him purees, since he’s coordinated enough to put things in his own mouth. We’re not purists, in that we still give him iron fortified cereal for breakfast (we load up a spoon and give it to him, and he puts it in his mouth – it’s pretty fun to watch!), but we are trying to keep to the spirit of things by feeding him a version of whatever we’re eating rather than making him his own menu.

Tonight I made butter chicken* from a recipe book that my good friend Kristi gave me a few years ago. We kept a few pieces of chicken out of the sauce to cook separately for him, since we didn’t want to make the recipe bland to accommodate Miles, or to give him food that was too spicy. We shouldn’t have bothered! He studiously ignored his plain chicken, so I decided to give him a chunk of mine, and he couldn’t get enough! They say that babies start to develop their sense of taste in the womb, and it seems he developed a taste for curry… No more plain food for this guy!

* I make the recipe more or less as written, although I use about half as much onion, and use 1 cup of yogurt and no water. It’s important to get the onions nice and golden in the first step; it makes the sauce taste richer.

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