Last week was a great week! Granny was here, so Miles got LOTS of undivided attention, Mrs. Chumsley got a few extra  naps, and some jobs that have been hanging over our heads finally got done. (Who knew it could be so hard to convince Ikea to sell us a sofa? After three somewhat grueling trips to the big blue box, we finally gave up on obtaining affordable Swedish crap and got an el-cheapo from The Brick.)

This weekend has provided some balance to all the business of last week. We purposely made no plans, and have enjoyed just being together. Naps have happened when they happened (or not), without any pressure to squeeze in errands or visits. We hung out at the park and on the roof top garden, and just lolled around the apartment. It’s been nice. Of course when we have no food in the house next week we might regret it, but for now, this little pause is just what this family needed.

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