Salmon Cakes

This year we are members of Skipper Otto’s community supported fishery. We put up $250 a couple of months ago, and now that salmon fishing has begun, we can go pick up fresh fish every week or so. We did our first pick up last weekend, and came home with a lovely pink salmon. On the advice of the  guy at the pick up, we cut it in half length-wise, marinated it in whiskey, brown sugar and olive oil, and cooked it on the BBQ. It was pretty good, although turning whole sides of salmon on the BBQ was a bit stressful. We ate less than half that first night, and then had to figure out something to do with the rest. The answer? Salmon cakes! The cooked fish required some fairly serious deboning, but other than that, these were a snap to pull together and made a few more delicious meals, all from about $10 worth of fish!

Since I don’t know exactly how much salmon we started with this is more of a method than a precise recipe.

  • Cooked salmon (we used just over half of a fish that was originally about 3.5lb when it still had its head and tail)
  • Eggs (we used 2)
  • Dry breadcrumbs (a couple handfuls, as needed to help bind the cakes)
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1 Tbsp (or more) fresh dill
  • Salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients gently, keeping chunks of salmon fairly intact. Let sit for a few minutes for the breadcrumbs to absorb liquid. Shape into patties and cook in a frying pan for a few minutes per side, until warm through and golden on the outside. Serve with fresh spring greens and crusty bread.

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