It’s amazing what a bit of sleep can do for one’s mood, no matter if you’re 6 months old or (ahem) quite a bit older.  It’s been a good week, after a rough Sun/Mon. I’m trying to make sleep a priority for Miles (I mean I’m prioritizing providing him with opportunities to sleep. I can’t impose priorities on him, obviously!), and I think that’s working well. This means I’m not making as many plans, which is too bad for me, but having a happy baby is worth it! We usually go out and about after the second nap, which means by about 3pm. Today’s an exception though, since he slept straight through until 7 this morning! 11.5 hours straight for the win! He’s having his second nap right now, so everything is just a bit later than usual. Oh well, going with the flow is one of the joys of mat leave, and all this sleep today means we can hope he’ll be his most charming self when we all go to the local pub with some friends tonight.

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